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Stephen IMAG1330 Dr Stephen Szental

Dr Szental has 32 years of experience serving the local community across all age groups. Dr Szental is vocationally registered and currently a board member of a local aged care facility. He is a strong advocate for General Practice Accreditation.

Stephen is dedicated to the clinical education of young Doctors and Medical Student and is the nominated supervisor for registrars and has been in this role since 1983.  He has maintained Inkerman Medical Groups' status as a valued teaching clinic.

His other interests include Aged Care, Travel Medicine and Internal Medicine.



Doctor DebbieHerbst1

 Dr Debbie Herbst

Dr Debbie as she is known to many of her younger patients has been working at Inkerman Medical since 1995 and she has been a partner since 2000.

As well as being a busy mother and now grandmother, Dr Debbie focuses on the health and well being of all patients through emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. Her main interests are in women and children’s health as well as diet and nutrition, especially the impact of healthy eating in pregnancy and beyond. She is very much proponent of the emerging trends in nutrition that focus on less consumptionof processed foods, refined sugars and starches. In 2013 she was involved in the making of a movie, "That Sugar Film".

Although her skills as a seamstress are not renowned, she also enjoys the procedural life of a GP. In addition to suturing wounds and removing lesions, she is accredited to insert and remove Implanon implants.

Dr Debbie is accredited through the Royal Women’s Hospital as a shared care GP to deliver top quality care prior to conception, throughout pregnancy and after delivery. She also works as one of the GP’s at the Masada Mother Baby Unit and she is involved in the post natal care of both mother and baby, especially in dealing with transition to parenthood and the mental health of parents at this exciting, but often stressful, time of their life.

Dr Debbie works every day at the clinic.


Tony 1348

Dr Anthony Schneeweiss

‘Doctor Tony’ has been a family GP in the local area for more than 20 years. He enjoys seeing patients of all ages, from the very young to the elderly.

Tony has a particular interest in the prevention and treatment of Men’s Health and Lifestyle issues. Another keen interest is in emotional well-being and good health, along with a focus on nutritional and fitness advice.

Child Health is also an important part of his Practice, and Tony likes to build a rapport with kids. He delights in the opportunity to earn their trust by modeling animal balloons for his younger paediatric patients !!

Tony is also a CASA registered Medical Examiner for Pilots and Flight attendants.



Leon IMAG1340Leon Massage

Celebrated as the go-to weight loss physican by leading doctors throughout Australia, Dr Leon Massage has been treating overweight and obesity conditions for more than twenty five years. He has helped thousands of patients to lose weight and regain their health and energy by teaching them how to overcome their genetic prediposition to gaining weight, as well as his unique techniques to overcome emotional eating.

Leon is a doctor, author, and sought after speaker. He motivates his followers to succeed by drawing from his knowledge and experience, and his personal struggle with his weight as a teenager and young adult. Dr Leon has created an easy to follow, highly acclaimed weight loss program that is used and recommended by doctors. He uses breakthrough techniques, audio CDs, video tutorials to inform and empower his followers to lose weight and regain their health and vitality. His published book: I Can't Believe It's a Diet is used by many doctors to help their patients lose weight and is available from reception along side his DVD box set.



Dr. David Hoadley

David has over 30 years experience in all aspects of General Practice in both New Zealand and Australia.  He has also been a senior lecturer at Auckland Medical School for many years.  His main interests are in chronic disease management and older persons health. Fully registered as a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice, he has also developed an interest in Aboriginal Health in the remote Outback which continues to be both a challenging but extremely rewarding experience. 

 Married for 45 years to Judi, he has 2 adult children in Australia and is currently settling into the local community.  Personal interests healthy lifestyle, yoga and enviromental issues.  David brings a wealth of experience to the clinic and speaks passable Hebrew.


Dr Sangeeta Nagpal

We would like to give a warm welcome to Dr. Sangeeta Nagpal.  Sangeeta has been practicing in Ipswich, Queensland for 10 years and was in Southern Africa before that. She has recently sold her practice in Ipswich and moved to Melbourne to be closer to family.

Dr. Nagpal’s interests include Women’s health and reproductive health, geriatric health, minor procedures and chronic medical conditions.





Tammy IMAGE1342Dr Tammy Schnall

Dr Schnall graduated from Monash University in 2009 and was awarded her Fellowship with the Royal Australian Collage of General Practitioners in 2014. She has a particular interest in Women's Health and is accredited to insert and remove Implanon implants.  Tammy has also been certified to do shared care for expecting parents. Her other interests include Travel Medicine and Children's Health. Dr Schnall works full time and is available every day at the clinic. 




Richard IMAG1329

Dr Richard Waluk

Dr Waluk has over 45 years of medical experience and is vocationally registered. He was an Associate Professor of surgery in Europe. He has significant experience in surgery and emergency trauma treatment, having worked as a surgeon and emergency physician in Australian hospitals since 1980. In parallel to his hospital commitments he started to work for the Polish, Russian and Jewish immigrant communities since 1985, gaining extensive experience in all facets of general practice.

He is a former CEO of the Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Association and used to be the Medical Director of Jewish Care (Montefiore), where he gained specific experience in geriatric medicine. He is an academic teacher, teaching medical students from the Melbourne and Monash Universities as well as the medico-legal independent assessor at the Victorian Worker's Compensationa and Transport Accident Commission authorities. He also has a degree in the Civil Aviation Medicine. He speaks fluently three languages - Polish, Russian and English.


Dr Ilana Laser

Dr Laser is returning to Inkerman Medical Group from an extended maternity leave. Prior to that, she spent 3 years developing a loyal patient base with her caring nature. 


Dr Sue Zhang

Dr Zhang completed her medical training at the University of Melbourne in 2014. For the past 3 years, she has worked at public hospitals in the Eastern suburbs, in a variety of specialties. Sue has an interest in child health, mental health, preventative medicine and medical education. In her spare time, she enjoys going for walks and travelling. 








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